1st-5th August Body Awareness in Nature , Ile D’Aix , France


18-22 July Mapping the unkown – Improvisation lab , La Visiva studio, Barcelona , Spain



14 May Dancing in nature , Groningen, Holland


12 March 2016 Touch, Breath , Gesture – A somatic dance workshop , Eindhoven , Netherlands.


6 February 2016 Fluid Mosaic – somatic movement workshop , Den Haag , CLOUD Danslab .



November 2015


2 days workshop during our artistic residency at Seoul Art center, Seoul Korea.

This workshop offered participants a taste of our research project ‘Fluid mosaic’. We explored the movement and materiality of plastic as well as its architectural composition in space. In addition we played with the question of how the sensorial and somatic dimension of the moving body can translate and embody a foreign material such as plastic in a performative context. We used reference to fascia and fluid structure of the body in order to find a bridge  between body and object.


SOMATIC INQUIRY workshop at Tree in Mind studio, Seoul Korea

Introduction workshop on Somatic inquiry process and theory. We explored processes of mirroring and group dynamics, issues around the theme of needs, therapeutic touch and creative movement exploration with sound.


October 2015 , The Intelligent heart  ,  Seoul, Korea / Tree in mind studio / somatic movement and self-inquiry workshop.