Fluid Mosaic

multi-media project

FLUID MOSAIC is a project exploring the interactivity of movement, sound, and plastic material while being inspired by the process and dynamics of human biological functions. The design of the environment suggests the internal world of the human body as it takes us on a visual journey of cellular fluids and fascia network. We manipulate plastic to find its transformative properties and biological correspondence. The result is a production of physical movements, projected images and live sound derived from this material.

FLUID MOSAIC is also a metaphor of the exchange, and collaboration  between people, technology and artistic ideas. We are interested in the permeable boundaries between various artistic approaches and the emergence of mutual transformation. The meeting point of this collaboration practice is similar to the intelligent patterns of the cellular membrane also called FluidMosaic membrane due to its constant dynamic of selection and exchange taking place between the inside and the outside of the



Concept: K.Patru/J.Ko – Video:O.Grimm – Sound design: T.Yoo/Remi Klemensiewicz

Seoul dance center gallery performance November 2015

Premiered April 2015 at Seoul International Improvisation festival (SIMPRO)